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Our Philosophy

Our Chirally corrected formulas remove the components of the ingredient molecules that are incompatible with the human skin. This allows our products to deliver a double power punch of effectiveness with optimal purity, thus doubling the effects. The term “Bio” is incorporated into our Biodermisé Series, to express the “double effectiveness” of our formulas. The term “Bio” itself means “Double the Ordinary” while also signifying a naturally targeted ingredient base.

This precise science of skin care, re-defines product capability to provide visible effects. Intertwining advanced ingredients, with the physiological and protective needs of skin at the molecular, cellular and bio-chemical levels. Various outside elements aggress our skin to cause malfunctions, that become more apparent as ageing progresses. To successfully reverse ageing, reparative, protective and restorative aspects must be present, to simultaneously affect the skin for a long term positive result.

Environment, sun exposure, chemicals and pollutants negatively aggress our skin each day, which distorts the skin’s ability to regenerate and protect itself. At esenté Physioceuticals, we have developed a product range which can be customized to your client's changing needs. Neutralizing the damage caused by these aggressors, while restoring the skin to a more youthful state.

The principles that esenté incorporates into its product philosophy takes into consideration the complete needs of the skin and client's lifestyles. Every esenté Physioceutical® product is carefully designed and positioned to offer both preventative and corrective benefits. These benefits are referred to as the “e” factor.

The “e” Factor

  • • eliminates imperfections
  • • enhances cell function
  • • encourages lipid production
  • • exfoliates progressively
  • • equalizes moisture levels
  • • extracts impurity
  • • eases sensitivity
  • • effectively protects
  • • elevates resistance
  • • expedites energy production

Esenté Physioceuticals embrace over 200 natural ingredient sources with the majority of them being formulated at active percentage levels. These percentages are enhanced with delivery techniques designed for Chirally corrected blends which create a synergy with human tissue. Directly impacting the cell membrane, cellular DNA and cellular / enzyme functions to provide progressive, protective, preventative and corrective benefit to the skin. In particular, we are most proud of the following specific ingredients and will therefore highlight for further explanation:

  • • Idebenone
  • • Astaxanthin
  • • Matrixyl 3000
  • • Ceremide III & IV
  • • Copper / Peptides
  • • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • • DMAE
  • • Active Retinol
  • • CoEnzyme Q10

Esenté Physioceuticals has dramatically improved the potential of these ingredients, by creating proprietary blends that deliver these actives with the advantages of a synergistic effect, to increase result. Do not be fooled by products that have integrated only components of our ingredient list into their formulas. While standard ingredients can provide limited benefit, synergistic integration is much more advantageous to the final result

This highly multi-functional Benzoquinone compound is an analogue of Co Enzyme Q10 that continues ATP production even when the skin is in a hypoxic state (oxygen deficient). Because this ingredient is a Benzoquinone compound, it has combined effects on ageing and de-pigmentation without irritation or photosensitivity. Idebenone is currently the most effective, documented antioxidant suitable for use in skin care formulations, that also enhances the effects of the remaining antioxidants in the Esenté collection.

  • • Reduces skin discolorations
  • • Super antioxidant for corrective and preventative results
  • • Non-Irritating / all skin types
  • • Approved for continual use
  • • Increases remaining actives
  • • Anti-Inflammatory
  • • Impedes free radical damage
  • • Expedites wrinkle reversal

We have no doubt this will become the new "it" ingredient, as our tests have concluded that this unique marine derived ingredient is 500 times more effective as an antioxidant than Vitamin E. It provides 10 times the strength of Beta-Carotene and is nutri-infused (enriched) with vitamins, Oligo essences and Amino Acids, fused into delivery spheres to increase the following actions:

  • • Protect from UV damage
  • • Combat free radicals
  • • Suppress pigmentation production
  • • Stimulates collagen synthesis
  • • Improves cellular equilibrium
  • • Increases elastic property
  • • Retards trans-epidermal water loss
  • • Normalizes / balances oil production
  • • Reduces keratinization
  • • Restores cellular vitality for intensive regeneration

A multi-peptide blend that has improved upon the original Matrixyl formula. Positioned for use to restore the most damaged skin, this complex enhances all skin functions to alleviate and reverse damage and degradation.

  • • Normalizes and balances
  • • Regenerates
  • • Improves respiration and circulation
  • • Stimulates collagen
  • • Absorbs UV radiation
  • • Improves moisture retention

Necessary to maintain the integrity and structure of the skin, Ceremides III & IV in the Esenté collection, have been modified to identically mimic Ceremides naturally found in human skin. Ceremide III is responsible for maintaining lipid barrier functions and protects the cellular membrane. Ceremide IV regulates desquamation to revitalize surface texture.

  • • Strengthens cellular mortar
  • • Modulates natural exfolliation
  • • Thickens skin / enhances lipid content
  • • Revitalizes
  • • Promotes healthy desquamation

Since ageing is categorized as a disease, wrinkles can be classified as small improperly healed wounds, characterized by imperfect cell layering and incorrect deposition of collagen. Copper and its Peptides provide a mechanism to the skin that is highly complex. Copper aids in minimizing scar tissue, through a process by which GHK-Cu inspires the degradation of enlarged collagen aggregates and synthesizes smaller more regular collagen found in healthy skin, while also promoting the creation of additional components of the skin matrix such as:

  • • Glycosaminoglycans
  • • Proteoglycans
  • • Elastin to aid in the reversal of damaged tissue and wrinkles

This naturally occurring substance that is produced by the human body, is highly beneficial in improving skin texture. Our high potency use of ALA will reduce deep wrinkles by 50 percent, while alleviating fine lines almost completely, while not irritating the skin. Additional benefits to our Alpha Lipoic Acid compounds includes:

  • • Potent antioxidant properties
  • • Responsible for energy production within the cell (citric acid cycle)
  • • Inhibits cross-linking that contributes to ageing by wrinkling the skin
  • • Moderate anti-inflammatory effects
  • • Neutralizes and removes toxic metals

Short for Dimethylaminoethanol, this ingredient facilitates the synthesis of Phosphatidylcholine an important component of the cell membrane, to aid in the breakdown of aggregated molecular waste and Lipofuscin, a byproduct pigment of this waste material. Clinically proven to tighten the skin, our complex formulas are designed as a synergistic blend to reduce sagging of the skin.

Designed to naturally increase concentration within the skin upon application, our Retinol actives provide maximum resurfacing without the aggression of other Retinoic Acid based products. Peeling will occur to reveal healthful, vibrant tissue. Our exclusive formulas utilize many of the derivatives from Vitamin A, allowing a higher percentage of actives to be used with ultimate safety, limiting any discomfort.

Inhibits damage from free radicals but more importantly, is part of the biochemical process that produces biological energy inside the cell (ATP). Formulated to boost the repair and regeneration of the cell, its small molecular size penetrates easily, to increase the below optimum levels of CoQ10 that is abundant in patients over 30 years of age.