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Matrix-Cell Trio Crème

EL650 - 1.7 fl.oz
In stock
Matrix-Cell Trio Crème
99% of 100

A high-tech multi-function super hydrating crème, infused with an array of concentrated clinical grade anti-aging ingredients to aid in perfecting skin function and repair of UV and environmentally damaged skin tissue.

A multi-function crème infused with Cetyl Palmitate, Sphingolipids and Actilac H-60, to aid in perfecting skin function. Layer over Matrix-Cell 3000 Concentrate for serious needs.

  • Excellent for all skin types in need of anti-age and ultimate protection
  • Three-fold active integration formula, to perfect facial contours
  • Great for mature and ultra dry skin to help increase hydration levels
  • Aids in skin functions and metabolic processes of the skin, for a younger more youthful appearance