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Every day, skin care professionals are bombarded with new products claiming to rejuvenate the skin. Some contain ingredients known to be beneficial, while others contain new and exotic compounds promising fantastic benefits. As founder of the Facial Rejuvenation Center, my role is to separate fact from fiction and provide my clients with the safest and most effective products. Not so long ago, there really were very few skincare lines out there that could truly make a fifty year old look forty. Fortunately, times have changed. Esente` skin care focuses on regenerating and rejuvenating the skin. I have personally used this line since October 2008, and the combinations of botanical and mineral ingredients have restored harmony to my skin and has reversed the damage that was quite visible. Esente` believes that each client should be served individually to determine the best specific combination of products. I use this approach daily in our center when I evaluate each client. I am impressed with the evolving line of products that are made with a multitude of active top quality ingredients, and in the FRC we carry most every Esente` product available. At the FRC, we appreciate Victoria Nash and her development and dedication to restoring vitality and radiance to our lives with her Esente` line.
IMPROVE SKIN TEXTURE One of the many benefits of exfoliating your skin starts with improving its texture. If your skin feels rough or dry, exfoliating your skin is an easy way to revive dry, dull skin I’m sure you’ve experienced that magical feeling when you’ve exfoliated your face or arms and you’re left with super smooth skin Make sure you exfoliate on a regular basis to keep skin smooth and help beauty products look even better! GET A CLOSER SHAVE We all know that shaving with a dull razor is a big no-no, right? Well, shaving dull skin is also a big beauty mistake. If you want to get the closest shave possible, always exfoliate your skin beforehand. This will get rid of any dead skin cells that can potentially clog up your razor blades and will give you a smooth, clean shave. FIGHT SIGNS OF AGING Another terrific skin benefit of exfoliating your skin is to fight the signs of aging. As we get older, our skin’s natural ability to shed dead skin cells slows down. Dead and dull skin cells often make fine lines, wrinkles and dry skin stand out even more. Help your skin age even more gracefully by exfoliating regularly and shedding those dead skin cells. HELP PREVENT BREAKOUTS If you experience blackheads, whiteheads or breakouts, exfoliating your skin will help keep pores clean and unclogged. When your pores get clogged up with dead skin cells, oils from your skin can get trapped beneath the surface, causing pimples. Help yourself keep acne under control by keeping pores clean and clear. EVEN OUT SKIN TONE Having an uneven skin tone is one of the many skin concerns of women these days, but we actually have a powerful weapon to fight against an uneven skin tone. If you guessed exfoliating your skin, you get a gold star for the day. Another one of the skin benefits of exfoliating is that it can help remove leftover dirt and makeup as well as layers of dead skin to reveal bright, new skin that’s hiding underneath. HELP SKIN CARE PRODUCTS PENETRATE DEEPER There’s nothing worse than spending your hard earned money on quality skin care products and finding that your skin isn’t getting any benefit from them. If you’ve experienced this yourself, don’t be too quick to blame the product. If you have layers of dead skin piled up, the skin care product might not be able to penetrate your skin. Exfoliate regularly so your skin care products get a chance to really sink in and work on your skin. GET A BETTER FAKE TAN Exfoliating your skin is essential if you like to use spray tans or cream tanning lotions. Exfoliating helps give skin tanning products a smooth, clean canvas, which allows for a more even and longer lasting tan overall.