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Every day, skin care professionals are bombarded with new products claiming to rejuvenate the skin. Some contain ingredients known to be beneficial, while others contain new and exotic compounds promising fantastic benefits. As founder of the Facial Rejuvenation Center, my role is to separate fact from fiction and provide my clients with the safest and most effective products.

Not so long ago, there really were very few skincare lines out there that could truly make a fifty year old look forty. Fortunately, times have changed. Esente` skin care focuses on regenerating and rejuvenating the skin. I have personally used this line since October 2008, and the combinations of botanical and mineral ingredients have restored harmony to my skin and has reversed the damage that was quite visible.

Esente` believes that each client should be served individually to determine the best specific combination of products. I use this approach daily in our center when I evaluate each client. I am impressed with the evolving line of products that are made with a multitude of active top quality ingredients, and in the FRC we carry most every Esente` product available.

At the FRC, we appreciate Victoria Nash and her development and dedication to restoring vitality and radiance to our lives with her Esente` line.

Laurie Hays, R.N., BAFounder & Co-Director, Facial Rejuvenation CenterNashville, Tennessee

Submitted By Laurie Hays, R.N

My face looks years younger then when I initially started 8 years ago with Esente Products.I have been using Esente Skin Care Products for several years now and I would never change.

It has proven to keep my skin in the best condition possible since I am always in the sun.

I just received a new treatment of the New Esente DAILY DEFENSE product and it is amazing. It removed the redness from my skin within 20 minutes after applying it.

Now 3 days later my skin is still improving. Amazing Products!

Thank you!

Rhonda SheerinFiber Creations of Az

Submitted By Rhonda Sheerin

As a naturopathic physician I am always concerned with the ingredients in any skin care line I recommend. Esente does not contain any harmful parabens and is made from organic botanicals and active peptides. Not only is is great for your skin, it makes your skin noticeably smoother, reduces pore size and diminishes the signs of aging. Esente makes taking care of your skin easy with their full spectrum packages. My favorite product is the Red Volcanic Seaweed Complex!

Tracy Magerus, NDNaturopathic PhysicianFocus for Life Naturopathic Medical Center10405 N Scottsdale RoadScottsdale, AZ 85253(Ofice) 480.553.5200

Submitted By Dr. Tracy Magerus

Being 55+ years old, my primary complaint was the appearance of lines, wrinkles, under eye dark circles & puffiness that added years to my face. Under the San Diego sun and sea air, I felt I was fighting an uphill battle to retain youthful, healthy looking skin. Then a little over a year ago, I was fortunate to discover Esente skincare products. In all my many years of trying different skincare products, I have never come across a product quite like this. I have to thank Esente for it's approach to preventing the signs of aging by putting nature's most powerful nutrients to work for my skin. I must tell you that my skin, today, feels revitalized and the appearance of lines and wrinkles on my face are now significantly reduced - thanks to Esente! I highly recommend this product for anyone with any skin type. For me I have adapted the regimen of using the Red Volcanic Seaweed Complex which I found to be effective at reducing dryness and improving my skin texture. Then before going to bed, I apply the Bio-Plex Night Repair which feels lightweight and doesn't leave my skin greasy - and it smells clean and fresh! Thanks to Esente, no one can tell me now, that I can't look as young as I feel. Esente has essentially age-proofed my skin without surgery! Now I look my age... the one I feel!

And, I can't tell you how thrilled I was when you brought Esente to ShopNBC and with that I am now a new ShopNBC customer and, please keep offering Esente products!

Deborah MarnellSan Diego, CA

Submitted By Deborah Marnell

I'm a 53 year old female using Esenté for the last couple of years. Being a Registered Nurse I am very particular about the products I use on my skin.

I have researched other product lines and have found Esenté to be of the best quality. My friends and colleagues including Physicians tell me how wonderful my skin looks. My favorite product is the Matrix-Cell Trio Crème. I'm happy to say you have products for all of my skin care needs from the Eye Contour Complex to the Bio-Lift and more!

I recommend Esenté to anyone regardless of their age. It's never too late to have beautiful radiant skin. Thanks so much.

Joan Brennan.Registered NurseTampa. FL

Submitted By Registered NurseJoan Brennan

I love the Enzopro excellerator (cleanser) and I'm so happy to hear that it remains unchanged! I'm fairly new to your products (November 2013), but the with the kind guidance of an excellent aesthetician, I've been using them and have had clear, uninflammed skin for the first time in my adult life. Your customer service has been amazing. Thank you so much for following through so quickly with customer inquiries. It's my sincere hope to work with your company for many years to come.

Leilani S.

Our Medical Spa uses Esente exclusively!! My clients and I are hooked on the products. I can never keep Red Volcanic Seaweed Complex on the shelf. Esente products are truly amazing. Thank you, Victoria.

Jacqueline Alford Aesthetician.

Exceptional Health Spa 401 N. Wall Street, Kankakee, IL 60901

Submitted By Jacqueline Alford

Esente makes your skin glow and feel so soft and smooth.

I really like the red volcanic serum and how it smoothes my skin and takes away my rosacea.

The fact that it is all natural really makes me feel good about using it as well.

Submitted By Caroline Farrar

As an owner and executive officer of a medical laboratory, I have quite extensive knowledge and experience in the health field. The Esenté product line caught my eye due to the cutting edge research behind the natural and botanical ingredients. I have tried many different and very expensive brands of skin care products in my life, and I've found nothing better. At age 50, people tell me I look like I'm in my early 30's. I hope to remain wrinkle free for a long time to come. Thanks for a wonderful product line!

Yvonne W.Arizona Statewide Anatomic Pathology, Inc.Scottsdale. AZ

Submitted By Statewide Anatomic Pathology, Inc

All I have to say is your products are amazing!! I tried some of them last night and I couldn't believe how wonderful my skin looks and feels. With me taking major drugs for my Leukemia, my skin was horrible, but just one night of your products made a world of difference. Victoria, you're a life saver!

My face is radiant and ethereal after an Esenté "Tetra-Peel" thank you so much!Aileen B.Santa Fe. NM

Submitted By Aileen B.

I have to know that any product I recommend to my patients will be effective and well formulated. I trust Esente skin care because they use only the best active ingredients and superior formulations.

Exceptional Health PartnersKankakee, IL

Submitted By Rodney Alford. M.D. M.B.A.

For more than five years we have exclusively carried Esente skincare products for retail sale in our Med Spa. We also use many Esente Professional Only products during treatment procedures in both our Med Spa and Laser Institute.

Esente skin care products have been a welcome addition to my practice. I can confidently recommend them to my patients because I trust the science behind the products and the quality with which they are made.

Southwest Vein & Laser Institute and MedSpa16601 North 40th StreetSuite 226Phoenix, AZ 85032

Submitted By Dr. E. Murphy, D.O. F.A.C.O.S. F.A.S.A. F.R.S.M

Thanks for the fabulous array of products you sent me. I was so surprised to see such immediate results, I'm impressed.

Martha F.Dallas. TX

Submitted By Martha F.

I was asked if I had a facelift after an Esenté rejuvenation treatment, it took years off my face. I'm so happy I found a product line that really works.

Michelle C.Westlake Village. CA

Submitted By Michelle C.



Submitted By Joann Calley

Just wanted to say how much I love Esenté products. I'm 46 years young and use your Micro- Peel Crème and the Matrix-Cell trio Crème; these are real stand outs for me and keep my skin looking incredible! When I tell people that do not know me that I'm 46 they do not believe me, they always guess I'm in my early to mid 30's. Thank you Victoria and Esenté for your wonderful products that deliver incredible results.

Laura M.Phoenix. AZ

Submitted By Laura M.

I saw immediate results with the Bio-Plex Night Repair - love this one!

Christine B.Edmond. OK

Submitted By Christine B.

Esenté is the most results driven company in the industry, with medical grade products that work on every client, every time! My clients can't live without esenté eye contour complex every day and your fabulous Matrix-Cell Trio Crème; they're by far the best products on the market for anti-aging results.

Sharon H.Clinical AestheticianLaguna Nigel. CA

Submitted By Clinical Aesthetician